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Ep. 1176 Trump’s Secret Weapon

In this episode, I address President Trump’s secret weapon in the 2020 re-election campaign. I also address the explosive connections between the...
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EP 1161 The Swamp Strikes Back

In this episode, I address the latest, outrageous political attack on President Trump from deep within the government swamp. I also address more...
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Ep. 987 It’s Go Time!

In this episode I address Trump's order to declassify key Spygate documents. I also address the outrageous failure of the clueless media to cover the...
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Ep. 983 It’s Time To Clean House in the GOP

In this episode I address the outrageous comments by a Republican congressman about Trump and impeachment. I also address astonishing connections...
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Ep. 913 The Democrats’ Really Bad Week

In this episode I address the disastrous rollout of the Green New Deal, and the ridicule that ensued as the details went public. I also address the...
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Ep. 855 The Real Story About Clinton Corruption

In this episode I address the deeply disturbing connections in the Clinton Foundation scandal and the Russian influence operation targeted against...
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May 15, 2018: Ep. 720 All the Schemers Know Each Other

New revelations show just how corrupt the operation against Donald Trump, and the subsequent investigative smokescreen, really are.
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March 5, 2018: Ep. 669 This is all a Smokescreen

In this episode I address some explosive connections between the Obama team, the Clinton team and the Russians that are yet to be touched by...
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