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Must See: Even Obama’s Border Patrol Chief Supports Trump’s Wall

The chief of Border Patrol under President Obama said President Donald Trump’s wall on the southern border would be effective.

Former Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson last night, “Yes. [walls] absolutely work. If you look in the past, you don’t have to go too far back in history, that bipartisan legislation Secure Fence Act in 2006 and 2012, bipartisan legislation passed where they built the wall or fence or physical barrier, whatever you want to call it, it’s a wall. It works.”

Morgan told Carlson that he was removed from his position once the Trump administration transitioned to power, and yet he still supported the President’s agenda for the border wall.

“The president is right, the president of [National] Border Patrol Council is right,” he said. “The other day when they had the national press conference and they got up and they said, ‘The wall wor,’ they are right, and it’s not based on a personal, political ideology. That’s based on historical data and facts that can be proven.”

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Conservative Iraq Vet Permanently Banned from Twitter: They’ll Come for You, Too

Iraq War veteran, former congressional candidate and conservative radio host Jesse Kelly is speaking out after Twitter permanently banned him on Sunday.

Speaking with Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Monday night, Kelly was asked why Twitter had banned him.

“Nobody knows,” he replied.  “Twitter kicked me off the platform because I was a mainstream voice on the right that spoke the truth, Tucker and that’s all anybody knows. They’ve given me no explanation as they told Congress they would give explanations. All they sent was an email that said you are permanently banned and you can’t appeal it for repeated rules violations only I don’t violate their rules. I don’t cuss at people on there I don’t harass people on there…all of a sudden my account vanished like a Hillary Clinton email.”

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He then issued a warning to Carlson, “They’ll come for you, too,” said Kelly.

In August, Kelly wrote an op-ed in the Federalist in which he warned conservatives that Twitter would begin banning them:

Many on the left and the right gave a loud cheer last week when Alex Jones was banished from Facebook. Twitter later suspended him. While it is not surprising to see the jackals on the left cheer at the burning of books, one would hope folks on the right would look in the mirror and realize their time is coming soon. The leftists will not stop (and did not stop) at nutty Alex Jones, because they do not think you are much different from him. You rightly think your belief in immigration enforcement is much different than his disgusting conspiracy theory about Sandy Hook. But you must understand the left thinks you are both equally vile. They just knew Jones was the weak member of the herd. They could pick him off as a test run. Next they’re coming for you.

In January, undercover investigative journalism outlet, Project Veritas revealed Twitter employees would engage in mass-banning of accounts that expressed interest in God, guns, America and Trump.

The employee told a Project Veritas undercover journalist, “Just go to a random [Trump] tweet and just look at the followers. They’ll all be like, guns, God, ‘Merica, and with the American flag and the cross. Like, who says that? Who talks like that? It’s for sure a bot.”

When asked if he could get rid of the accounts, he replied, “Yeah. You just delete them, but, like, the problem is there are hundreds of thousands of them, so you’ve got to, like, write algorithms that do it for you.”

Project Veritas’ investigation also revealed that Twitter employees admitted to “shadow banning” pro-Trump accounts, conservatives and “sh**ty people.”

House Republicans invited Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to speak to Congress in September after conservatives accused the company of censoring them. Dorsey pushed back on the claims and testified in his prepared remarks that “Twitter does not use political ideology to make any decisions, whether related to ranking content on our service or how we enforce our rules.”

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