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Ep. 866 Bob Mueller’s Best Friend is the Media

In this episode I address the media’s central role in advancing the set up of Mike Flynn, and the spying operation on the Trump team. This episode...
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Ep. 865 Mike Flynn Was Set Up!

In this episode I address the scheme to set up, and take down, Lt. General Mike Flynn. The details are both shocking and disturbing.
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Ep. 860 President Trump is Holding All the Cards

In this episode I address the growing levels of panic among the international players in the scheme to take down the Trump team. I also address the...
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Ep. 859 What Are They Hiding?

In this episode I address the scheming going on to protect players connected to Wikileaks from being exposed by the Trump administration. I also...
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Jerome Corsi in Plea Negotiations with Robert Mueller

Jerome Corsi, former Infowars editor, author, and associate of political consultant Roger Stone told AP today that he is negotiating a potential...