Tampa Mayor Vows to Track Down Maskless Super Bowl Fans – But Herself Has Been Spotted Maskless

Tampa Mayor Vows to Track Down Maskless Super Bowl Fans – But Herself Has Been Spotted Maskless

With Democratic politicians, it is always “Do as I say,” not “do as I do.” All across the country, we’ve seen liberal politicians flouting the rules they’ve put in the place for the “little people” unlucky enough to be under their thumbs. The latest hypocritical politician to play this game is Tampa mayor Jane Castor. Before the Super Bowl, Castor issued an executive order mandating that face masks be worn in high traffic outdoor areas. Castor was very upset to see that some fans ignored her order.

“We had tens of thousands of people all over the city, downtown, out by the stadium … and very, very few incidents. So I’m proud of our community. But those few bad actors will be identified and the Tampa Police Department will handle it” she told a crowd.

But, following in a long line of hypocrite politicians, the mayor has frequently gone outside without a mask herself.

Take a look for yourself.

It must be nice to be able to decide what’s legal and what’s not in a way that benefits you. Do you want to go outside with a mask? Do it! Oh, you don’t want to do it today and you want make it illegal for other people? Then it’s, “Sorry, there’s an executive order in place.” There’s no rationality, no logic, no real rule of law, just the whims of another hypocritical liberal mayor who gets off on ordering people what to do. At some point, it would be nice to see one of these incompetent liberals lose their jobs over this kind of hypocrisy instead of getting yet another pass from their Democratic constituents.

John Hawkins is the author of 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know

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