Teacher Who Said She’d Bribe Infected People to Cough on Trump Has Resigned

Teacher Who Said She’d Bribe Infected People to Cough on Trump Has Resigned

A Woonsocket, Rhode Island public school teacher who tweeted an offer to pay anyone infected with the coronavirus to cough on President Trump has resigned, as reported by a local news affiliate, WJAR-TV.

After allegedly tweeting the offer in March (the account has since been deleted), the teacher sent a second tweet identifying herself as Amy Bednarz, a sixth-grade teacher at Villanova Middle School in Woonsocket. A district investigation into the tweet was launched soon after.

Last Wednesday night, the Woonsocket School Committee voted 5-0  to accept a settlement agreement with Bednarz, and as part of that agreement, Bednarz tendered her resignation. According to TheBlaze, there are no reports on the other details of the settlement. Bednarz’s LinkedIn page still lists her as an employee at the school, but that’s likely because she simply hasn’t updated her profile.

On March 30th, Rhode Island’s Commissioner of Elementary and Secondary Education, Angelica Infante-Green, tweeted, “I was saddened & disappointed to see this tweet — it is unprofessional and sends the wrong message during a time when our whole education community is setting a national example. This is not acceptable and certainly not representative of the overwhelming majority of RI teachers.”

TheBlaze further reported that commenters on WJAR’s Facebook page were “almost universally pleased that the accused teacher resigned.” Comments included:

  • “Good. She is a first class piece of crap!”
  • “Trump Derangement Syndrome…still can’t get over he won.”
  • “She needs professional help!
  • “Only in RI do teachers [who] encourage endangering the president’s life get paid to quit their jobs.”
  • “But the taxpayers still have to pony up $!”
  • “She’ll be picked up by some liberal college to teach.”

While Bednarz is no longer on twitter, perhaps her screenname will be revised to “Proud Former Teacher” if she ever returns.


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