Ted Cruz Blasts WHCA For Letting in Propagandist for China

Ted Cruz Blasts WHCA For Letting in Propagandist for China

Earlier this week, after being asked a question by a female Hong Kong Phoenix TV reporter, Trump questioned who she worked for, and if they were owned by the Chinese government. She denied that she worked for China, and said that the company was privately owned.

And she’s “technically” correct. The company is private…. but shares the Chinese government as an investor, and is majority owned by those sharing their interests.

According to Phoenix TV’s ownership breakdown, founding chairman Liu Changle, a “former People’s Libertarian Army propaganda official who is close to senior Chinese government leaders,” owns 37.1% of the shares. Another 20% of the network is owned by Extra Step Investments Limited, which is owned by China Mobile Hong Kong, which is owned by China mobile…. which is owned by (you guessed it) the Chinese government.

So in other words, 65% of the company is controlled by the Chinese government and a sympathizer to them.

Why was a de-facto propagandist for China allowed in the press briefing room in the first place, when they won’t even allow OAN in? Ted Cruz wants to know, and put the White House Correspondents Association on blast for allowing it.

Given how uncritically the media has been repeating China’s talking points, I suppose it’s not all surprising they’d allow one of their propagandists to join them in person.

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