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Texas Sheriffs and ICE Agents Sue Biden Admin for Failing to Deport Criminal Illegals

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Five Texas sheriffs along with a group of Ice agents are suing the Biden administration for stopping them from arresting or deporting criminal illegal immigrants.

Kris Kobach is the lead attorney for the plaintiffs and as he has noted, what the Biden administration is doing is horrific.

According to the Washington Examiner:

“The ICE officers involved in this case are absolutely astounded at what their superiors are asking them to do: releasing people charged with rape of a child, releasing people charged with dealing drugs and resisting arrest,” said Kris Kobach, the former Kansas secretary of state and the lead attorney for the plaintiffs, in a phone call. “These are really serious criminals, and ICE is being ordered by the political leadership of the Biden administration to turn them loose.”

…“The Biden administration policy stands in direct violation of not one, but three, different federal statutes,” Kobach, who heads the Kansas-based Alliance for Free Citizens, wrote in a statement. “Congress has mandated that the executive branch must detain and remove certain illegal aliens, but the Biden Administration is ignoring the law. The administration’s actions have forced ICE to stand down and have almost brought deportations to a halt. That has fueled the crisis at the border, encouraging more illegal immigration. It has also created an unbearable burden for local law enforcement in Texas.”

A man deported four times and convicted of domestic violence, evading arrest, and multiple counts of driving under the influence does not fit the public safety threat category. When local law enforcement asked ICE to take custody of him because of his record, the department refused, and the man was released.

Another man who was ordered to be deported by a federal immigration judge and now facing an aggravated assault charge was also released. A third man who illegally crossed the border was arrested by local police for the rape of a child, but ICE denied the request.

What Kobach is alleging here is that the Biden Administration is breaking the law to protect illegal aliens that harm children. Should the Biden Administration be sued over that? Absolutely. Should the Republican Party be hammering this issue like an anvil? Absolutely. In fact, they should probably make a Willie-Horton-style ad featuring the accused child rapist and blast it out all over the country.

Of course, the Democrats would then respond by calling it “racist,” which would focus ten times more attention on what the Biden administration is doing on the border. Trump proved this is a winning issue, but Republicans do have to step up to the plate and prove they have more in common with Trump than George W. Bush on the issue. Even setting that aside, does the rule of law still exist on the border, or can Joe Biden simply ignore it whenever he feels like it? If this lawsuit gets the Supreme Court to rule on that, that would be a good thing.

John Hawkins is the author of 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know. You can find him on Parler here and on Twitter here.

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