The “Big Lie” Is That the United States Has a Southern Border

The “Big Lie” Is That the United States Has a Southern Border

On the most recent episode of Unfiltered With Dan Bongino, Dan railed against the Biden administration’s illegal immigration disaster, pointing out that the “big lie” right now is that we even have a southern border anymore.

“The disgraceful Biden administration is trying to cover up its big lie about the border, and now they’ve resorted to a new low, yes, attacking the good guys, the border patrol. … The big lie is that we actually have a southern border. We don’t. There’s no border. There is no border. Got me? There is no border. The border is completely open. The reason they can’t give you the numbers, DHS Secretary Mayorkas and Jen Psaki. The reason they can’t give you the numbers is because they don’t know,” Dan said.

“Throw a dart at a wall and just pick a number on an index card. You’ll get a better estimate. They have no idea, and that’s the problem. How does a sovereign country with borders not know who’s in the country? Am I crazy? Isn’t that the purpose of a border? A border where you stop someone and say “This is our country. Are you a citizen? Therefore go in. Do you have business here? Do you have a green card? Are you allowed to be here?” That’s why we have a border. Is this a news flash to liberals?” he continued.

Watch the full monologue below:

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