The Libs Become Even More Triggered by “Merry Christmas”

The Libs Become Even More Triggered by “Merry Christmas”

Earlier in the week we had some fun documenting how some of the most apoplectic liberals the internet has to offer reacted to a recent appearance of Neil Gorsuch on Fox News, where he talked about his new book. Gorsuch didn’t’ say anything remotely controversial in the segment, but liberals don’t like him or Fox News, so they were willing to feign outrage over literally anything.

So they settled on Christmas. Really.

“Good morning to you” Ainsley Earhardt said introducing Gorsush. “Merry Christmas” he replied, managing to set off a storm of hysteria. One writer for the BBC complained that Gorsuch was “playing into a GOP talking point” by wishing the audience a Merry Christmas. One self-proclaimed comedian was disgusted that Gorsuch “made a point to say Merry Christmas.” A handful of Media Matters’ miserable employees voiced disgust too at the friendly comment.

A tweet yesterday from Dan drove liberals, who didn’t realize they were being trolled, even crazier.

Here’s just a sampling of the response from upset liberals who insist they aren’t upset:

We only have one thing to say in response to that: MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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