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The Media is Shamelessly Slandering the VA Second Amendment Rally

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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Impeachment has dominated the news cycle in recent months, and with that Democrats miraculously found a self-professed love for the Constitution. “What is at stake here is the Constitution of the United States” Nancy Pelosi said last week ahead of the Senate trial. Her fellow democrats and narrative pushers in the media agreed.

Of course, their faux love for the Constitution doesn’t extend to all of its contents. The Left is always looking to make special exceptions for our right to freedom of speech protected by the First Amendment – and pretend that the Second doesn’t exist. Such hypocrisy was on full display ahead of the Second Amendment rights rally in Virginia today. Before a single person had even shown up, the media was bent on smearing them.

NBC’s Ben Collins urged reporters to “verify information” when reporting on what he called a “white nationalist rally” in a now deleted tweet. It sure was nice of him to encourage his fellow journalists to not spread fake news while falsely smearing the rally as a “white nationalist rally.”

Today, NBC reporter Gave Gutierrez, apparently working under the impression that we’re deaf, reported that protesters were chanting “we will not comply”  in a tweet where the footage showed ralliers reciting the pledge of allegiance.

He later posted footage of people (and there couldn’t have been more than ten of them) saying the “we will not comply” chant… which raises the question of why he didn’t just post that in the first place. We also don’t know why he believes this to be a controversial chant. Over ninety-percent of VA’s counties are Second Amendment sanctuaries, and thus not complying.

CNN tried to characterize the rally as just another Charlottesville – i.e. racist and potentially dangerous. “The commonwealth is bracing for the potential of extremist and white nationalist groups to disrupt the peaceful demonstrations with violence and riots” CNN reported before then noting that the rally was actually off to a peaceful start.

Meanwhile, MSNBC’s Craig Melvin reported that “thousands of white nationalists” and “militia groups” swarmed the state capitol.

Meanwhile, the American public’s trust in mass media only continues to dwindle. We can only wonder why.


Photos by Getty Images

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