The Tale of the Transcript: Read the Full Document

The Tale of the Transcript: Read the Full Document

A July 25th call that lasted about 30 minutes between President Trump and Ukrainian President Zelensky is at the front and center of a whistleblower’s complaint against Trump.

Trump said he would release a full transcript of the phone call, but the Memorandum that was released today specifically notes that it is:

A Memorandum of a Telephone Conversation (TELCON) is not a verbatim transcript of a discussion The text in this document records the notes and recollections of situation Room Duty Officers and NSC policy staff assigned to listen and memorialize the conversation in written form as the conversation takes place. A number of factors can affect the accuracy of the record, including poor telecommunications connections and variations in accent and/or interpretation. The word ‘inaudible’ is used to indicate portions of a conversation that the notetaker was unable to hear.

Read Full Memorandum Here:

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