The Top Five Moments From Last Night’s Debate

The Top Five Moments From Last Night’s Debate

President Donald Trump and Joe Biden had their first of three debates last night. ABC News billed the debate as “The Main Event,” and it did end up having more in common with a boxing match than a traditional presidential debate.

The two traded countless insults and interruptions over the course of 90-minutes on topics ranging from the coronavirus to the Supreme Court vacancy, to health care and the economy. Here are the top five moments you may have missed last night.

#1 – Trump Tells Chris Wallace “I Guess I’m Debating You”

Trump tangled with moderator Chris Wallace early in the debate, and the two were visibly frustrated with one another throughout the night. Upon being pressed about the repeal of ObamaCare and his replacement, Trump said to Wallace “I guess I’m debating you.”

#2 – Biden Refuses to Denounce Antifa

Portland may have been on fire for nearly four months and violent riots have occurred nationwide, but that doesn’t justify a condemnation from Biden. In his world, he can’t condemn antifa because it’s “an idea, not an organization.”

#3 – Where’s Hunter?

Hunter Biden’s shady business dealings were highlighted by Trump. After bringing up Hunter’s business dealings in China, he asked why Hunter received a $3.5 million payment from the Mayor of Moscow’s wife.

#4 – Biden Still Won’t Say If He Supports Court Packing

Much like running mate Kamala Harris, Biden has gone silent and refused to give an answer on if he supports packing the Supreme Court. Kamala previously publicly supported it, while Biden publicly opposed it, but neither will say what their current stance is.

#5 – President Trump Warns of Voter Fraud “Like You’ve Never Seen”

President Trump blasted democrats for the Spygate scandal, and warned of voter fraud to come thanks to mail-in voting in the 2020 election.

“They came after me trying to do a coup. We’ve caught ’em all.” “President Obama, he knew about it too,” Trump added, “So don’t tell me about a free transition.”

Of mailed ballots, Trump said “This is not going to end well. This is going to be a fraud like you’ve never seen.”

The second debate is scheduled for October 15th at 9PM EST.

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