The Top Five Moments From the Vice-Presidential Debate Last Night

The Top Five Moments From the Vice-Presidential Debate Last Night

Let me remove all suspense. Mike Pence won the debate.

He’s a good debater and Kamala Harris is not. She has a whiny, nasal voice, incessantly smiles, or shakes her head when Pence makes a good point while militantly lying or running from controversial opinions. Pence sounds what you expect a leader to sound like. On the other hand…

All that said, the VP debate was more of what we normally expect to see from political debate. Here are the top five moments from the debate.

1) Pence hammering Harris for undermining confidence in a vaccine: Once again, rather weirdly, Kamala Harris declared that she wouldn’t take a vaccine recommended by Donald Trump, and Pence pounded on her anti-vax stance. Harris did try to split the baby by declaring she would take a vaccine recommended by scientists in the Trump administration, but not Trump, but that makes no sense. Harris was also asked how Joe Biden would handle the Coronavirus differently than Trump and had no real answer beyond things the Trump administration was already doing, which Pence noted was basically plagiarism.

2) The Economy: Rather bizarrely, Kamala Harris claimed that Joe Biden was responsible for the economic success in the Trump administration before the Coronavirus happened, which may have been the most mind-blowing moment of the night.

“Joe Biden is the one who during the Great Recession was responsible for the Recovery Act that brought America back and now the Trump-Pence administration wants to take credit.”

Mike Pence responded effectively while dropping a couple of fantastic quotes you may see turning up in campaign commercials over the next few weeks.

“On day 1, Joe Biden is going to raise your taxes” and “The American economy, the American comeback is on the ballot.”

3) The Fracking Lie: Mike Pence noted that both Harris and Biden had said they’ll ban fracking and her response to that was to deny that, which seems utterly bizarre since video of their frequent comments about fracking is not in short supply.

4) “Lost the trade war with China? Joe Biden never fought it.” — Mike Pence

This was one of the best lines of the night as Harris foolishly challenged Pence on China.

5)  Kamala Harris won’t answer whether she and Biden would pack the Supreme Court.

Pence performed beautifully here as he kept coming back to her on this question while she kept dodging it until it would have been obvious to a five-year-old or alternately, even a sleepy Joe Biden, what was happening. Then Pence correctly noted that her non-answer was an answer. Clearly, Biden and Harris intend to pack the Supreme Court, which is a dangerous maneuver that will threaten the stability of our country.

Bonus: After the Democrats have incessantly tried to stir up fears about Trump potentially not accepting the results of the election, it was enjoyable to watch Mike Pence point out their hypocrisy given the way they have behaved since the 2016 election.

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