The Trump Campaign Is Knocking on 1 Million Doors Per Week – Biden’s Knocks on Zero

The Trump Campaign Is Knocking on 1 Million Doors Per Week – Biden’s Knocks on Zero

It’s not just Joe Biden – his campaign is stuck in the basement too.

While Biden has lead President Trump in the polls (a lead that’s shrinking), Trump has continued leading Biden in voter enthusiasm, something Biden’s campaign is doing nothing on the ground to try to boost.

According to Politico:

Donald Trump’s campaign says it knocked on over 1 million doors in the past week alone.

Joe Biden’s campaign says it knocked on zero.

The Republican and Democratic parties — from the presidential candidates on down — are taking polar opposite approaches to door-to-door canvassing this fall. The competing bets on the value of face-to-face campaigning during a pandemic has no modern precedent, making it a potential wild card in November, especially in close races.

Biden and the Democratic National Committee aren’t sending volunteers or staffers to talk with voters at home, and don’t anticipate doing anything more than dropping off literature unless the crisis abates. The campaign and the Democratic National Committee think they can compensate for the lack of in-person canvassing with phone calls, texts, new forms of digital organizing, and virtual meet-ups with voters.

A recent YouGov poll found that while 68% of Trump supporters are enthusiastic to vote for Trump, only 40% of Biden supporters say the same.

Here’s how that enthusiasm gap compares to past presidential elections:

• 2020 – Joe Biden: 28-point deficit against President Trump.
• 2016 – Hillary Clinton: 13-point deficit against Donald Trump.
• 2012 – Mitt Romney: 25-point deficit against President Obama.
• 2008 – John McCain: 33-point deficit against Barack Obama.
• 2004 – John Kerry: 16-point deficit against President George W. Bush.

All of the candidates who were trailing in enthusiasm lost. Including Hillary Clinton. She, too, had a slim lead over Trump among registered voters and lagged in enthusiasm, trailing Trump by 13 points in the “very enthusiastic” category in September 2016. Biden is doing 15 points worse than Clinton was in enthusiasm.

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