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“The Voluntary Phase Is Over” – NYC Mayor’s Comments Should Terrify EVERYONE

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Democrats are amending their prior rhetoric of “my body, my choice” at an alarming rate, with New York City Bill de Blasio the latest to back mandatory vaccinations.

When asked if he was considering making all city workers be inoculated, de Blasio said he was heading in that direction. “Yes, we are climbing a ladder. I’m not answering yes to your question yet. But if that’s not enough, I think we got to be ready to climb the ladder more. We’ve got to put pressure on this situation,” he said. It’s not just him floating this – Biden is reportedly considering a similar policy for all federal workers. And you know if private businesses start enacting their own mandates, the White House will back them.

De Blasio added, unnervingly, “We’ve got to shake people at this point and say, ‘Come on now.’ We tried voluntary… The voluntary phase is over.”

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