Three Election Oddities No One Can Deny

Three Election Oddities No One Can Deny

You don’t need to be a conspiracy theorist to have more than a few questions about the election.

Even forgetting every story you’ve read about illegals voting, ballot harvesting, or election “glitches” seemingly only benefitting Biden, there are some oddities that occurred on election night that no one can deny.

Bellwether States 

Ohio has historically been a barometer for national opinion, and has had enormous success in forecasting election results. “As Ohio goes, so goes the nation” goes the adage.

Excluding last week’s election, the winner of Ohio has gone on to win the presidential election in every single race since 1904, with two exceptions. Republican Thomas Dewey won Ohio and then lost to Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1944, and Republican Richard Nixon won Ohio in 1960 and then lost to John F. Kennedy.

Florida is the largest bellwether state. Only twice has a Democrat won the presidency without winning Florida, while no Republican since Calvin Coolidge has won the presidency without it.

Meanwhile, Trump picked up support in hard left states like New York, doing six percentage points better in 2020 with 42.9% of the vote, compared to 36.% against Hillary.

So Trump won bellwether states and picked up support in the Empire State, yet struggled in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and reliably-red Georgia? How was it that Trump won those two bellwether states that were called on election night, yet the others, who were not called on election night, ended up eventually going to Biden?

Bellwether Counties

Just like there are bellwether states, there are bellwether counties as well. Vigo County, Indiana has been won by every presidential winner since 1956, and the same is true for New Mexico’s Valencia County since 1952. Trump won both of them this year, Vigo by nearly 15 points, and Valencia by 11 points.

And they’re not the only ones. Nearly every bellwether county was wrong this year, with only 18% of them going for Biden/Harris.

So, what changed this election cycle?

Republicans Outperform Everywhere…. Except the Presidency 

The GOP averted a media-predicted “blue wave,” and picked up seats in the House to chip away at the Democrat majority, while being favored to keep control of the Senate (contingent on the outcome of two runoff races in Georgia).

In other words, we’re to believe that Republicans did well everywhere except the presidency.

The obvious response to anyone suspecting fraud is; “if Democrats rigged the election for Biden, why wouldn’t they have rigged it for Congressional Democrats too?” One answer would be that if fraud did occur, it was in a few key swing states that by and large weren’t the same states where Congressional Republicans excelled.

Though on the topic of Biden excelling while Congressional Republicans outperformed, we also don’t have an answer to why there are allegedly 450,000 ballots in key states that were cast only for Biden with no down-ballot selections made. Sidney Powell, perhaps best known for being Michael Flynn’s attorney, says these kind of irregularities weren’t present in Florida, which was called for Trump early.

If the media got away with pushing the narrative that the 2016 election was influenced by the Russians, conservatives should at least be able to ask about these obvious oddities this election cycle without being branded conspiracy theorists. Not like the media won’t do that anyway.

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