TikTok Users’ Attempt at Sabotaging Trump Rally Backfires

TikTok Users’ Attempt at Sabotaging Trump Rally Backfires

In late June, when President Trump attempted to hold a rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, for the first time since coronavirus hit in March, anti-Trump TikTok users reserved seats with the intent of not showing up, thereby leaving the seats empty and pushing the narrative that Trump is losing support.

But when they tried this again for an early October rally, the Trump-haters were not so lucky.

The New York Post reports that thousands of teens tried to wreck an early October GOP rally in Staten Island, New York. Staten Island GOP chairman Brendan Lantry told the Post that “[W]e had about 1,500 RSVPs from Staten Islanders. Then all of a sudden we started seeing the numbers tick up to 10,000, 15,000, 75,000. We knew something was not right.”

The Post continues by saying that Lantry’s wife, who uses TikTok, was able to trace the sudden sign-ups to a clip from a 19-year-old user, saying:

“Do you hate this orange b**ch as much as I do? It turns out that Trump is having a rally in Staten Island. So what I did was, I reserved myself two seats. But I’m pretty sure that I have something to do that day. So, do what you want with this information.”

The video had over 500,000 views, over 150,000 likes, and was spread widely, with the intent of many to turn the rally into a repeat of Tulsa, where the TikTok users would again RSVP  in order to keep the rally as empty-looking as possible.

So, Lantry turned the tables on them by adding a nonrefundable $5 fee to the sign-up form for the rally. Apparently, the Trump-haters didn’t realize that this fee was actually a donation to the Republican Party, and, in buying over 3,000 tickets, ended up donating almost $16,000 to the GOP.

The Post ends its report with the icing on the cake:

And the thousands of Trump-hating no-shows were barely missed. No seats were provided at the open-air rally, and the event drew 2,500 locals, who filmed a get-well message for Trump as he recuperated from his bout with COVID-19.

“Thank you, progressives, for helping us put on a successful rally,” Lantry said.

It is amazing what pure hatred can do. In this case, it directly helped President Trump and the GOP, the subject of that very hatred, and backfired spectacularly on the Leftist haters. Gotta love it.

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