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No, The United States Does NOT Lead the World in Mass Shootings

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  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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Today on the Dan Bongino show Podcast ‘Endless Lies From the Media’ Dan deep dives into very serious moral mishaps that are happening in the media right now. After the devastating shootings in El Paso and Dayton, Democrats and the liberal media are jumping at the chance to further their agenda. The problem is that they are flat-out, unequivocally lying to the American people and furthering the dangerous divide growing amongst our citizens.

Dan brought up Hillary Clinton’s tweet yesterday in which the former Secretary of State and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee wrote: “People suffer from mental illness in every other country on earth; people play video games in virtually every other country on earth. The difference is the guns.”

To even attempt analysis of Clinton’s comment gives it too much power. The statement is just a LIE. It’s manipulative and vicious. America, you should be insulted that Hillary thinks so little of your intelligence. How Clinton has become and stayed a leader of the Democratic party with so little knowledge about our country, gun ownership and statistics about gun violence around the world frankly explains a lot about liberals. Facts are not helpful to them.

Dan then discusses a thorough article written by Matt Margolis published on, titled “No, the United States Doesn’t Lead the World in Mass Shootings.” Media and liberals have quickly politicized the shootings, blamed Trump, cried out that the 2nd Amendment is ruining our country and claims the rest of the world fears us and doesn’t want to travel here because we are the world leader in mass shootings.

Do not listen. These lies are a tactic that prey on human emotions after tragedies to convince voters that they need to pass sweeping gun laws. This is called an agenda. PJ Media reports “that this claim is completely bogus” and references data from the Crime Prevention Research Center. In August of 2018 the CPRC laid out detailed facts and findings under a report titled “New CPRC Research: How a Botched Study Fooled the World About the U.S. Share of Mass Public Shootings: U.S. Rate is Lower than Global Average.”

The report identifies a “paper on mass public shootings by Adam Lankford (2016)” which “received massive national and international media attention” that claimed “over the 47 gears from 1966 to 2012, an enormous about of the world’s mass public shooters – 31% – occurred in the United States. Lankford attributed this to America’s gun ownership.”

The media and liberal scholars spread Lankford’s “findings” like wildfire. However, the CPRC notes that “he has neither identified the cases nor their location nor even a complete description on how he put the cases together” making it impossible to replicate his findings, Additionally they found fault with compiling the data to begin with because “of the extreme difficulty in finding mass shooting cases in remote parts of the world going back to 1966. Lack of media coverage could easily lead to under-counting of foreign mass shootings, which would falsely lead to the conclusion that the U.S. has such a large share.”

Additionally, the CPRC’s report said:

We find Lankford’s data represent a gross undercount of foreign attacks. Our list contains 1,448 attacks and at least 3,081 shooters outside the United States over just the last 15 years of the period that Lankford examined. We find at least fifteen times more mass public shooters than Lankford in less than a third the number of years…By our count, the US makes up less than 1.43% of the mass public shooters, 2.11% of their murders, and 2.88% of their attacks. All these are much less than the US’s 4.6% share of the world population. Attacks in the US are not only less frequent than other countries, they are also much less deadly on average.


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