Top Biden Adviser Won’t Say the Taliban Is Our Enemy

Top Biden Adviser Won’t Say the Taliban Is Our Enemy

Biden National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan had a surprising response when being asked if the group we just ended a 20-year war with was our enemy.

MSNBC host Nicole Wallace asked about the Taliban “Are they are frenemy? Are they our adversary? Are they our enemy? Are they — what are they?”

Sullivan replied regarding the group that oppresses women, executes homosexuals, routinely commits war crimes, and is responsible for thousands of U.S. casualties; “Well, it’s hard to put a label on it, in part because we have yet to see what they are going to be now that they are in control, physical control of Afghanistan.”

Watch below:

I guess he’s optimistic they’ll change their ways – and hopes everyone else is just naïve as he is.

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