Trump Administration Sues New Jersey Governor Over Mail-In Voting

Trump Administration Sues New Jersey Governor Over Mail-In Voting

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy explained during an appearance on Fox News Sunday that his state will be using a “hybrid option” on election day – sending ballots to all 6+ million registered voters, and having traditional in-person voting. As opposed to an absentee system where people have to request a ballot, he thinks the state can send one to every eligible voter without error.

Murphy bills it as a “predominantly mail-in election.” At the national level our government recently sent 1.1 million stimulus checks to the wrong people (many of whom were dead) and addresses. There’s no reason to believe that state governments won’t run into similar logistical challenges.

To thwart off a potential disaster that risks complicating the election, the Trump re-election campaign is suing New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy in federal court, calling his election plan an unconstitutional “recipe for disaster.”  According to Reuters:

The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for New Jersey late on Tuesday to invalidate “Executive Order 177”.

The filing was made as a “complaint for declaratory and injunctive relief” and described the step taken by the Democratic governor as “illegal”.

It made two charges – first, that Murphy exercised power that belonged to the state legislature in changing the state’s election law, and second, that the changes “will violate eligible citizens’ right to vote”.

Residents who opt to go to their local polling places on Nov. 3 will do so in “provisional voting,” meaning they must use paper ballots, not voting machines, so that officials can guard against duplicate voting, Murphy said.

New Jersey is no stranger to controversy when it comes to mail-in voting. President Trump has commonly cited the case of Patterson, NJ, where 19% of total votes cast were disqualified by the board of elections following accusations of widespread fraud, voter intimidation, and ballot theft. Four men were charged with fraud, including the City Council’s Vice President, and a candidate for the Council. Murphy cited this as a positive on Fox News Sunday because he says it means people “tried to screw with the system and they failed.” Even if true, those kind of incidents multiplied nationally risk disrupting the election.

In New York, 80,000 ballots cast in the June primaries, or 21% of the total, were disqualified. In Brooklyn the figure was as high as 25%.

A recent poll from Just the News found that two-thirds of Americans believe that vote-by-mail would increase voter fraud, with more Democrats agreeing (48%) than disagreeing (45%). Among the Democrats in power pushing mail-in voting, I assume 100% are in agreement that it’ll increase voter fraud.

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