Trump Answers 700% More Questions Than Basement Biden

Trump Answers 700% More Questions Than Basement Biden

Joe Biden may be in the running for President, but there isn’t much running going on. The Trump campaign is out there knocking on one million doors every week – while Biden’s knocks on zero.

Plagued by questions over his mental fitness, Biden has fueled those concerns by largely shunning interviews, only appearing on networks favorable to him when he does. And even those haven’t gone great. Whether he’s telling interviewers that they’re not really black, or questioning if they should be tested for cocaine, it’s needless to say that things could be going better for him.

Fortunately for him, he isn’t being presented with many questions to screw up in the first place. According to Breitbart,

The Washington Examiner looked at the 28 days between June 19 and August 15. Trump took questions on 24 of those 28 days. Biden took his measly 80 questions during only 13 of those days.

Worse still, more than half of the questions Biden took — 41 of them — came by way of a single, recorded interview with the friendly and far-left National Association of Black Journalists and National Association of Hispanic Journalists.

So over 27 of those 28 days, Biden took 39 questions, not even an average of two a day.

Trump, meanwhile, took 635.

Or in other words, Trump is taking 700% more questions than Biden. Had reality been inverted, there’s no question that the liberal media in unison would cite this as proof that Trump is unable to engage with issues, or isn’t enthusiastic about becoming President.

Some pundits have stressed that Biden can’t run a campaign out of his basement, but given his near 100% gaffe rate during interviews, that may actually be his best bet.

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