Trump Attorney on Mueller: He’s Intimidating People to Tell “His Version” of Truth

Trump Attorney on Mueller: He’s Intimidating People to Tell “His Version” of Truth

Former New York City mayor and Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani is continuing his public criticism of the special counsel, telling a radio host on Sunday that Robert Mueller is “intimidating” people to tell his version of the truth.

Fox News reports:

“This isn’t a search for the truth. It’s a witch hunt,” Giuliani told host John Catsimatidis in an interview with AM 970 in New York. “This is what is wrong with these special prosecutors and independent counsels. They think they are God.” Giuliani added: “They seem to want to prosecute people at any cost, including the cost of ethical behavior and the rights of people.” Giuliani accused Mueller of crossing boundaries for the purpose of “intimidating” Trump’s allies into saying “what he believes (is) his version of the truth,” in light of the surprise plea agreement Thursday with Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer.

Speaking about former Trump campaign official Paul Manafort, Giuliani says, “When you look at Mr. Manafort they’ve had him in solitary confinement… They have repeatedly questioned him. And they told him they don’t believe him and they want him to give certain forms of evidence that would implicate the president in things that Mr. Manafort says are untrue.”

The former New York City mayor described how Mueller’s team dragged Manafort to their offices “about 12 times” to question him. Each time, however, Manafort said he couldn’t tell prosecutors what they wanted to hear.

“There’s a point at which they’re sending a terrible signal. An ethical prosecutor would stop this and pursue some other line of inquiry with other people. After all, he’s just saying what everybody else has said. There’s no evidence that the president was involved in any sort of collusion about the election,” he said.

Giuliani hasn’t been one to hold back in his criticisms of Mueller.

Last week, after former Trump attorney Michael Cohen plead guilty to lying to Congress, Giuliani blasted the special counsel for timing the plea with the president’s trip to the G20 summit in Argentina.

“It is important to understand that documents that the Special Counsel’s Office is using to show that Cohen lied to Congress were voluntarily disclosed by the Trump Organization because there was nothing to hide. It is hardly coincidental that the Special Counsel once again files a charge just as the President is leaving for a meeting with world leaders at the G20 Summit in Argentina. The Special Counsel did the very same thing as the President was leaving for a world summit in Helsinki. With regard to the hotel proposal in Moscow, the President has been completely open and transparent.”


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