Trump: Biden “Doesn’t Want America to be a Nation at All” – Will “Eliminate” Our Border

Trump: Biden “Doesn’t Want America to be a Nation at All” – Will “Eliminate” Our Border
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Former President Donald Trump released a statement yesterday criticizing Joe Biden’s refusal to secure the border.

Democrats may have prevented Trump from completing the wall on our Southern Border, but the programs he did manage to put in place were game-changers. Simply forcing illegals to remain outside of the country to apply for asylum was an enormous improvement. Ending catch and release, which is a ludicrous program, was another huge win. Trump proved that if Democrats were willing to cooperate at all, we could very easily secure our border.

Of course, Joe Biden went in exactly the opposite direction. Not only did Biden kill the successful programs Trump put in place, he has actually worked to increase the number of illegal aliens entering America. When people talk about a “crisis on the border,” they have to understand that it is a deliberately orchestrated crisis that is doing great harm to America.

Some people might think Trump is engaging in hyperbole when he says, “Joe Biden is the first American President who doesn’t want America to be a nation at all.” However, if you don’t have borders, you don’t, have a nation. If you take something as valuable as American citizenship and treat it as valueless, that’s what it will soon become. Long-term, America cannot survive the sort of policies Joe Biden is thoughtlessly advocating on the border. It is also true that “Our country is being destroyed before our eyes.” It is sad to see not just how monstrous the Left has become, but how many Americans are too ignorant, indifferent, or cowardly to speak up on behalf of the amazing country they were gifted by our forefathers.

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