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TRUMP: Biden ‘Not Playing With a Full Deck,’ Would be ‘Thrilled if he got the Nomination’

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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The speculation that there is a war on white supremacy in the United States has been increasing since this past weekend’s mass shootings. How our leaders are using the phrase, flagrantly throwing it around at their opponents is distracting and unethical.

On Wednesday Former Vice President Joe Biden said in a speech that that Trump has “fanned the flames of white supremacy in this nation.” Yesterday, at the State Fair in a bizarre exchange with a reporter, Biden said “why are you so hooked on that? You just want me to say the words so I sound like everybody else…I’m not everybody else – – I’m Joe Biden. I’ve always been who I am. I’m staying the way I am. He is encouraging white supremacists – – you can determine what that means.”

Interesting. Earlier that day when Biden was asked about Trump and white supremacy he said, “I believe everything the President has said and done encourages white supremacy. And I’m not sure there is much of a distinction…whether he is or is not a white supremacist, he encourages, everything he does speaks to them. He’s afraid to take them on.”

Trump himself seems pretty happy that Joe Biden is “not everybody else” and will be staying the way he is. Just moments ago on the White House lawn the President was asked about Biden’s comments. Trump was matter-of-fact and said he was watching tv when Biden made the comment: “I saw his comment, Joe Biden is not playing with a full deck, this is not someone you can have as your president but if he got the nomination I would be thrilled.”

Trump also noted how easily the Democrats are throwing out the racist word when they run out of cards, that he is “winning in the polls” and that the Democrats have “lousy candidates” running in the 2020 pool.

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