Trump Campaign Rips Univision as “MSNBC en Espanol”

Trump Campaign Rips Univision as “MSNBC en Espanol”

The Trump campaign added Univision to its “fake news” list, saying that the all-Spanish network lied about the President’s Mount Rushmore speech, while covering up Democrat flaws to help Joe Biden.

In a statement, the campaign said that “Hispanic Americans deserve a real and fair news network, not MSNBC en Espanol.

“Univision dishonestly suggested President Trump’s defense of American history and ideals was about ‘whether or not Confederate monuments should be removed.’ In fact, President Trump’s only allusion to the Confederacy was when he praised abolitionist Frederick Douglass (who fought it), honored Ulysses S. Grant (who defeated it), and quoted the ‘Battle Hymn of the Republic’ (Google it),” the campaign added.

The campaign also criticized Univision for promoting Democrats while omitting any mention of Trump’s efforts to help the Hispanic community, saying, “[T]hese are not just editorial oversights (which coincidentally always cut in the same direction); it’s disgraceful partisan activism posing as journalism. It stems from years of unchecked arrogance from a national news team whose ideological zealotry sullies the work of their colleagues and local affiliates,” it said.

You can read the campaign statement in its entirety here. It’s a great synopsis on why the mainstream media is, by definition, fake news.

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