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Trump Campaign Starts TV Ads In Early Voting States

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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On Monday, after a brief hiatus last week to review its advertising strategy, President Trump’s re-election campaign returned to TV with two new ads in a group of early voting key states.

According to the campaign, the two ads define Joe Biden as an “empty vessel” and a tool being used by the radical Left to advance its agenda.

One ad, titled “Takeover,” shows that Biden is a tool for the Left, showing his promises to raise taxes by trillions, to grant mass amnesty and to cut funding for police.

The second ad, titled “Cards,” is a direct appeal to the “silent majority” that came out and voted for Trump in 2016, even though it is undercounted right now.

The campaign says that this new advertising strategy “reflects the condensed 2020 calendar, which will result in more than half the voters casting their votes well before Election Day in a number of states.” These include North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Arizona on local broadcast and cable channels, as well as on Spanish language channels. “The strategic ad placement will also be accompanied by a national cable buy,” the campaign statement reads.

Trump 2020 campaign manager Bill Stepien said, “[T]he countdown clock may show 91 days left in the race, but in reality the election starts a lot sooner than that. In many states, more than half of voters will cast their votes well before Election Day and we have adjusted our strategy to reflect that. Joe Biden is continuing to spend millions of dollars a week in states that won’t come online for two months and we encourage him to keep at it.”

We keep bringing examples of how Biden is no moderate, and that he is more than happy to let the radical Left take over should he win in November. These are great ads by the Trump campaign highlighting this, and you can watch them here:



Photos by Getty Images

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