Trump Denies Minnesota Governor’s Request for “Disaster Relief” From Riots

Trump Denies Minnesota Governor’s Request for “Disaster Relief” From Riots

Last week, we reported that Minnesota Democrat Governor Tim Walz requested federal disaster relief in the wake of the George Floyd riots, where approximately $500M in damage costs were accumulated in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

As we reported, Walz called out the National Guard but was tepid when it really mattered, as the cities were burned, the roads were blocked, and rioters were given tips on how to avoid the Guard by the governor’s own daughter.

So, in light of Walz’s incompetence (at best, if we’re being charitable), President Trump denied the request.

According to RedState, Walz didn’t initially use the troop resources he was offered by Trump on the first night that he could’ve put down the riots and stopped this from happening, because he thought they could be seen as an “occupying force.” That’s nothing but a political concern that no one outside his jurisdiction should have to pay a penny for.

How then can these cities can be fixed? By not electing Leftists. If they have to learn the hard way, so be it.

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