Trump: Mueller Team Threatening People to “Come up with the Answers They Want”

Trump: Mueller Team Threatening People to “Come up with the Answers They Want”

President Donald Trump didn’t mince words today, as he took to Twitter to blast the Special Counsel, calling the inner workings of the investigation “a total mess.”

He called Mueller’s team of investigators a “disgrace to our Nation,” and said they were “shouting at people” and “horribly threatening them to come up with the answers they want.”

The President’s comments come on the heels of a couple of reports on the latest possible indictments in the Mueller investigation:

  • On Monday, Infowars editor and author, Jerome Corsi, said he believes he will be indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller in a “perjury trap” soon.

“I got served a subpoena on August 28th, at my home, two FBI agents showed up unannounced, and       I did not talk to the FBI, of course, my wife was pretty startled,” he said on the video.”

“We began a series of discussions with them that have gone on for two months,” he explained. “At the       end of that two months, even though I did everything I could to cooperate, the entire negotiations,           discussions, have just blown up.”

  • Mueller investigators told the Wall Street Journal that the Special Counsel is also investigating whether or not political consultant Roger Stone tried to “intimidate and discredit a witness who is contradicting (his) version of events about his contacts with WikiLeaks.
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