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Trump Rails Against Open Borders Biden in First Post-Presidency Rally

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During his rally in Lorain County, Ohio this weekend, Donald Trump railed against Biden’s weak border policies, hyperbolically saying that foreign nations are now “emptying their prisons into the United States” because of Joe Biden’s lax border policies.

Alongside the exposition in illegal border crossings has been an explosion in those with criminal convictions making the journey. So far this year Border Patrol agents have arrested 542% more convicted sex offenders at the border.

Trump said:

“Other countries are emptying their prisons into the United States … ‘let’s send them to the United States and they’ll get in,’ because nobody even checks who is coming into our country — it’s insanity. It’s destroying our country … they’re murderers and drug dealers. …They’re emptying their prisons … in the Republican Party we do not believe that violent criminals should be welcomed into our country. We believe they should be promptly deported.”

Trump also noted a series of crimes committed by illegals in the United States:

Just this month, a previously deported illegal alien in Massachusetts with prior charges for murder and many other things gunned down a man in broad daylight, shooting him viciously and violently as he lay in the street four times.

Recently in Louisiana … an illegal alien who entered the country as an unaccompanied minor under Obama was charged with hacking a woman and their 15-year-old sister into very small pieces with a machete and stabbing two other people to death.

And right here in Ohio, a twice-deported fugitive MS-13 Gang member … he was charged with murder, he was discovered in Galloway after entering our country for the third time, and bad things happened.

Not only has Joe Biden essentially made it impossible to secure our border, but he has also taken steps to make it much tougher to deport criminals. Biden will not allow illegal aliens to be sent back to their home country unless they are known terrorists, gang members, or recently convicted aggravated felons. Of course, Joe Biden is ignoring or perverting laws on the books to do this and since that’s the case, American citizens that are harmed by illegal aliens should be able to sue the federal government for damages. If the government breaks the law to allow someone who commits a crime against an American into the country, the government should have to compensate that citizen for the damage done to him. Put a policy like that in place and you’ll start to see things on the border change in a hurry.

John Hawkins is the author of 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know. You can find him on Parler here and on Twitter here.

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