Trump Supporters Construct 10-Foot Sign Along L.A. Freeway and City Quickly Rips It Down

Trump Supporters Construct 10-Foot Sign Along L.A. Freeway and City Quickly Rips It Down

Everyone has seen the famous Hollywood sign and a creative Trump supporter in Los Angeles found a way to top it.


The sign, which was on private property along Interstate 405 in Sepulveda Pass, looked terrific from the road.

As you can see, the sign could even be well seen from the air.

Obviously, people were talking about the sign and the city of Los Angeles reacted by tearing it down the next morning.

What was their excuse for tearing down a sign built on private land? It was declared a “traffic hazard” because people were taking pictures of it. Given that we’re talking about Los Angeles, this is mind-blowing. After all, as this woman notes, everything from garbage to used needles, to homeless encampments seems to stay in place forever. But, a fantastic Trump sign on private land is such a 5-star emergency that they had to immediately act?

We all know that if the sign said Biden or Obama, it would have been left up. However, a Trump sign was just too offensive to the delicate sensibilities of the liberals that run Los Angeles. This is a problem and not just for Los Angeles. When people feel like they can’t get a fair shake from the government or the law because of their political leanings, it drives them towards tribalism and encourages them to look at the other side as an opposing force that’s out to get them instead of just people that disagree about the best way to make the country better. It’s funny how many liberals will claim that Trump is dividing America without seeing the message their own behavior, repeated again and again in incidents like this one, sends to everyone that disagrees with them.

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