Trump to Ask for $8.6 Billion in Wall Funding for 2020 Budget

Trump to Ask for $8.6 Billion in Wall Funding for 2020 Budget

President Trump is set to request $8.6 billion in border security funding in the FY 2020 budget, according to sources speaking with Fox News.

Fox reports, “According to the sources, Trump will look to secure $5 billion from Congress, plus $3.6 billion from the military construction budget, for the fiscal year 2020. The request is coming on top of the $8.1 billion Trump already has access to, which includes money he’s trying to shift from military accounts after declaring a national emergency.”

The budget outline also seeks funds to create the Space Force as a new branch of the military and looks to cut 2.7 trillion in nondefense spending. Sources say the proposals would balance the budget by 2034.

Office of Management and Budget Acting Director Russ Vought said in a Sunday night statement, “In the last two years, President Trump and this Administration have prioritized reining in reckless Washington spending. The Budget that we have presented to Congress and the American people … embodies fiscal responsibility, and takes aim at Washington’s waste, fraud, and abuse. Our national debt nearly doubled under the previous Administration and now stands at more than $22 trillion. This Budget shows that we can return to fiscal sanity without halting our economic resurgence while continuing to invest in critical priorities.”

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