Trump to Fox and Friends: FISA Report Will Be “Historic”

Trump to Fox and Friends: FISA Report Will Be “Historic”

As we reported yesterday, the Department of Justice Inspector General’s report on Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant abuses is set to be released on December 9. DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee shortly after the document’s release, on December 11.

Appearing on Fox and Friends this morning, Trump declared that the FISA report wold be “historic” in the corruption is exposes.

“So, you have a FISA report coming out, which the word is, it’s historic. That’s what the word is That’s what I hear,” President Trump told Fox.  “Now, what you’re going to see, I predict, will be perhaps the biggest scandal in the history of our country… And, if it’s historic, you’re going to see something. And then, perhaps even more importantly, you have [John Durham’s report] coming out shortly thereafter — the U.S. attorney — and he’s already announced it’s criminal,” he continued.

“I’ll tell you what, you have a lot of very bad people,” Trump said in conclusion, and repeatedly accused the Obama administration of spying on his campaign – a fact that Dan and I document extensively in our book “Spygate.”

Of note, Trump’s allegations of spying come a day after we learned that the FISA document used to spy on Carter Page contained falsified information.

Watch below:

President Trump to speak live on ‘Fox & Friends’ amid impeachment inquiry, upcoming FISA report

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