Trump Will Accept Presidential Nomination in North Carolina

Trump Will Accept Presidential Nomination in North Carolina

On Monday, after being asked about his decision last week to scrap the parts of the Republican National Convention that were to take place in Jacksonville, Florida, President Trump confirmed he will be attending part of the convention in North Carolina in late August to accept the presidential nomination.

Trump, referring to the scaled-down convention, said that “[T]he rest I’ll do in different form. We could’ve done it many different ways. I think we did the right thing. I’m really happy to have a piece of it at least, very important piece in North Carolina.”

The President also noted that “[W]e’re going to do some things with tele-rallies and online the week that we’re discussing, which would be really good. I think we’re going to do it well.”

According to Fox News, the major prime-time events, such as the president’s nomination acceptance speech, will likely move online.

This will be very interesting to watch unfold.

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