Trump’s Super Tuesday Performance Trounced Obama’s in 2012

Trump’s Super Tuesday Performance Trounced Obama’s in 2012

Super Tuesday yielded a historic comeback for the Biden campaign, undoubtedly fueled by votes siphoned from the recently decreased Buttigieg and Klobuchar campaigns.

While the headline story was Biden’s regained momentum, the candidate who needs votes the least saw incredible turnout too. The President. 

As Red State’s Elizabeth Vaughn noted, “just as the President significantly outperformed past U.S. incumbents in previous primaries, he did so on Super Tuesday.” Here are the figures of President Donald Trump’s voter turnout on Super Tuesday versus Obama’s turnout as the incumbent in 2012. 


Obama: 241,167
Trump: 708,883


Obama: 94,936
Trump: 237,792


Obama: 25,000
Trump: 31,464


Obama: 127,909
Trump: 229,717

New Hampshire

Obama: 49,080
Trump: 129,696


Obama: 64,330
Trump: 273,562


Obama: 80,705
Trump: 384,034


Obama: 518,138
Trump: 1,907,342

The numbers for Democrats don’t show much enthusiasm either when you compare them against 2008, when the Party showed immense success in mobilizing voters. Turnout increased in Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Utah, and Virginia, but was either flat or declined everywhere else.


As the Washington Examiner’s Paul Bedard noted, GOP voter enthusiasm is at a record high – and higher than Democrats’. Gallup said that the GOP’s 64% enthusiasm at this stage of the election is higher than “any election since Gallup first measured this in 2000.”

Significantly, it breaks the recent pattern of the party not in the White House having higher voter enthusiasm in a reelection year. Currently, 58% of Democratic voters are enthusiastic, a 6-point gap with the GOP.

Given the state of the Democrat field, I’m surprised their enthusiasm is even that high!

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