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Rich Elitists Playing Victim; Tucker Carlson Rips Into Meghan, Oprah, Hillary and Michelle Obama

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Last night, Tucker Carlson laid into Prince Harry, his wife Meghan, Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama for being rich elitists playing the victim.

Tucker started out by noting his general disinterest in the topic of Oprah’s interview with Harry and Meghan because “You know exactly who they are. He’s weak and unhappy. She’s a manipulative opportunist.” Tucker said he planned to avoid the topic entirely, but he was so irritated by Meghan playing the victim over a minor argument with her sister-in-law Kate Middleton that he had to chime in.

“Here’s this royal person, one of the most famous and fawned-over people in the world, telling Oprah that she was incredibly wounded because she got into some kind of petty argument about dresses with her sister-in-law at her wedding three years ago. …Ok, so she’s a narcissist. We guessed that. But that’s not the whole story. What she’s really saying is that, despite her enormous wealth and fame; despite the fact she never has to cook her own dinner or drive her own car ever again for as long as she lives; despite the fact that every time she heads to the gym, the journey is treated like the moon landing by an army of awestruck reporters; despite the fact that she’s literally a princess — sorry, duchess — she is…actually an oppressed victim. She may look powerful, but she’s powerless….I was silenced says the lady doing a TV interview with Oprah Winfrey.”

Tucker went on to take a shot at billionaire Oprah Winfrey for the same thing.

“Oprah clearly doesn’t think it’s absurd. She’s deeply empathetic. Oprah’s worth more than a billion dollars, but she knows the pain, because she sees herself as a victim, too. She often says so.”

From there, he tore into a member of “America’s royal family,” Michelle Obama for claiming she won’t be heard.

“Yeah, no one’s gonna hear you. You’re just speaking at a prime-time speaking slot at the Democratic National Convention. When, oh when, will your voice be heard, Michelle Obama? When will you get the credit you are so sorely due for all of your remarkable achievements? Unfortunately, America’s not quite ready for you yet. And, honestly, that’s our fault. We’re a backward country. We apologize.”

Tucker even noted that Hillary Clinton played the same game because she lost the presidency.

So, they give you a Senate seat because your husband is the President. Then they listen to you in rapt attention, despite the fact that you’ve never uttered a single word that wasn’t banal and predictable. By most standards, you would be considered a fairly accomplished overachiever. How many of your classmates in high school thought you’d get this far? Not too many. But because we didn’t hand you the keys to the most powerful country in the world, you believe you’ve been deeply wronged. You’re a victim and you’re mad about it.

Tucker closed by explaining why they do this.

“For rich people, deciding that you’re a victim has many levels of appeal. For one thing, it gives meaning to your decadent, empty life. Victimhood solves that problem. When you’re a victim, you’re inherently significant. Martyrdom means you are forever the hero of the story. So you can see why narcissists love it, and there are an awful lot of those right now.”

Let me just add that not only is Tucker right, he’s underselling it. 99% of the people that claim they’re victims in America aren’t actually victims. They’re almost always bullies, crybabies, or whiners trolling for sympathy and attention over their foo foo problems. Of course, there are exceptions, but chances are the “victim of the moment” that the mainstream media is doting on isn’t it. These women and most of the other people saying they’ve got it tough should have more dignity and spend less time claiming to be a victim if they want respect.

John Hawkins is the author of 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know and you can follow him on Parler here.

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