Tucker Gives Update on NSA/White House Spying Allegations – And It’s Damning

Tucker Gives Update on NSA/White House Spying Allegations – And It’s Damning
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Fox News host Tucker Carlson once again took aim at the NSA and Biden administration after neither were able to deny his claim that they spied on his personal texts and emails.

From The Post Millennial: 

“Minutes before air tonight, the NSA sent us an infuriatingly dishonest formal statement, an entire paragraph of lies written purely for the benefit of the intel community’s lackeys at CNN and MSNBC, all those people they hire with the titles on the screen,” Carlson said.

“They also tweeted out a few minutes ago. Now, last night on this show, we made a very straightforward claim: NSA has read my private emails without my permission, period. That’s what we said. Tonight’s statement from the NSA does not deny that.”

The statement by the NSA says that Carlson “has never been an intelligence target of the Agency” but does not specifically deny the accusation that they spied on his email:

Carlson said that the statement “comes with this non sequitur, in part, quote, ‘Tucker Carlson has never been an intelligence target of the agency.’ Okay, glad to know.

“But the question remains, did the Biden administration read my personal emails? That’s the question that we asked directly to NSA officials when we spoke to them about 20 minutes ago in a very heated conversation. Did you read my emails? And again, they refuse to say, again and again. And then they refused even to explain why they couldn’t answer that simple question. ‘We can’t tell you and we won’t tell you why we can’t tell you,'” Carlson relayed. “And the message is clear,” he said, “we can do whatever we want. We can read your personal texts, we can read your personal emails, we can send veiled threats your way to brush you back if we don’t like your politics, we can do anything. We are our own country. And there’s literally nothing you can do about it. We’re in charge, you’re not.”

The story comes after Carlson claimed on his show Monday that a whistleblower had informed him that the NSA was spying on his personal emails and texts in an attempt to get his show taken off the air. The Fox News host claims he verified the whistleblowers claim by having him read back emails that he only could have obtained from Carlson’s personal email, containing details about a story nobody else knows about yet.

But the agency’s response to the story did nothing to dispel Carlson’s suspicion Tuesday, with him ending the segment by calling the situation “Orwellian”: “Orwellian does not begin to describe the experience, it was like living in China. But we should get used to it. Now that the Biden administration has classified tens of millions of patriotic Americans, the kind who served in the military and fly flags in front of their homes, as potential domestic terrorists white supremacist saboteurs, we’re gonna see a whole lot more of this kind of thing. A whole lot more.”

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