Tucker Rips Power Hungry Dems Using COVID for Political Gain

Tucker Rips Power Hungry Dems Using COVID for Political Gain
(Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

As the White House floats the possibility of new lockdowns if “the science” says they should, mandates vaccines for federal workers (which could encourage private businesses to follow their lead), and encourages the vaccinated to mask up, it’s increasingly clear that the COVID madness is never going to end unless people resist it.

Tucker Carlson slammed Democrats during his monologue last night, noting that the virus has been good for their quest for power. “Tonight, we’re watching the lunatics in charge of our country spiral even deeper by the day into madness. And as we watch that, we feel a duty on this show to keep track of their decline. We do this to assemble a permanent historical record of the craziness if only for the amusement of future generations, and last thing we thought we had reached an all-time high watermark.”

Watch his full monologue below:

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