Tucker: Why Isn’t There a Criminal Investigation Into Dr. Fauci?

Tucker: Why Isn’t There a Criminal Investigation Into Dr. Fauci?
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Fox News host Tucker Carlson took aim at Dr. Anthony Fauci, questioning why there hasn’t been an investigating into his dealings with a Wuhan lab that some suspect is responsible for the original spread of COVID-19.

FTucker asked:

But you’ve got to think that at least part of Fauci’s authoritarian germ hysterical is a cover for something else. Could it be that Tony Fauci is trying to divert attention from himself and his own role in the COVID-19 pandemic?

Carlson then mentions a story penned by Nicholas Wade at Medium, which lays out the case that the coronavirus that sparked a global pandemic did in fact originate in a Wuhan lab. The story also directs attention to Fauci, claiming he was at least partially responsible for the research taking place there:

Wade lays out a nearly insurmountable amount of evidence that this virus originated at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Central China. We’ve raised this possibility from the early days of the pandemic. But this piece all but proves it. At the time the outbreak began last fall, the Wuhan lab was conducting experiments on how to make bat viruses infectious to human beings. Those experiments were funded by American tax dollars, the funding for those experiments was approved and directed by Tony Fauci in Washington. It’s hard to believe that, but it’s true, and the piece lays it out.

Carlson then lays out the evidence that the research in the lab was designed to create a transmittable coronavirus between humans, a project Fauci evidently supported:

Once again, why would the Wuhan lab be conducting experiments like that in the first place? Well, we know that Tony Fauci had authorized payment for the research. For five years — from 2014 to 2019 — the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, which Fauci runs, and has for decades, pumped money to a group called the EcoHealth Alliance.

Carlson notes that such research is typically banned in by the U.S. government, though there is one loophole. Research like what was taking place in Wuhan can be funded with taxpayer dollars if the head of of a USG agency “determines that the research is urgently necessary to protect the public health or national security.'” As the head of NIAID, Fauci was capable of authorizing the funding:

And that’s exactly the loophole that was exploited. Who signed off on this? Tony Fauci —  possibly along with Francis Collins, the director of the NIH — invoked that special exception in order to keep funding the Wuhan lab, and the deadly experiments that were going on there. The experiments that clearly went so wrong.

According to Richard Ebright, “Unfortunately, the NIAID Director [Fauci] and the NIH Director exploited this loophole to issue exemptions to projects subject to the pause – preposterously asserting the exempted research was ‘urgently necessary to protect public health or national security — thereby nullifying the pause.”

This wouldn’t have happened if Tony Fauci didn’t allow it to happen. That is clear.

Fauci has been a public face for many Americans since the pandemic began, frequently appearing on television to offer his expertise or guidance to a country worried about the spread of COVID-19.

But the infectious disease expert has also picked up critics along the way, most notably for his apparent lack of consistency in the advise he gives from appearance to appearance.

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