Turns out Obama Was Not a Fan of ‘Fake News’ During Presidency Either, but Still Slams Trump Habits

Turns out Obama Was Not a Fan of ‘Fake News’ During Presidency Either, but Still Slams Trump Habits

In a speech at a “Splunk tech conference” yesterday, Obama said in a pointed manner intended to be a swipe at Trump, that as president “the other thing that is helpful is not watching TV or reading social media” according to Axios. He alluded to the dangers of people living in “filter bubbles” of information that are worsened by social media.

Obama added, “That’s not healthy for a democracy and it’s not healthy between countries…that’s how wars get started and bad things happen.” Despite Obama’s jab at Trump’s television watching habits, it appears Obama may have chosen to not watch for the same reason Trump watches.

Breitbart came out with a piece today discussing Obama’s remarks at the event and brought up an old interview Obama did with Brian Williams during which he criticized cable news for appearing fake. “I don’t find most of the cable chatter very persuasive…I’ve used this analogy before. It feels like WWF wrestling. You know, everybody’s got their role to play.” The media didn’t go up in arms over the comments.

So let’s get this straight. President Obama, who was the darling of the media wouldn’t watch “fake news” even though likely it was fawning over him. While at the same time, he criticizes Trump for watching “fake news” even though the media is brutal towards him. Trump watches to be aware of the dialogue and to publicly combat or refute the “fake news” if needed; which frankly, shows his transparency.

By the way, Obama loved to boast his administration’s transparency even though he couldn’t have been further from it. President Trump actually is transparent and uses social media as a tool to do so. Just another example of media bias and Republicans being held to ever-changing standards.

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