Twitter CEO Defends Decision to Censor Trump But Not Iran’s Ayatollah Calling for Violence

Twitter CEO Defends Decision to Censor Trump But Not Iran’s Ayatollah Calling for Violence

The CEO’s of Twitter, Facebook, and Alphabet (Google’s parent company) are testifying before the Senate today, and it’s bound to leave conservatives as unsatisfied as ever.

The platforms have all been accused by conservatives of interfering in the election, whether it be by censoring the President’s social media, openly censoring the Hunter Biden story, rigging search results to those supporting a left-wing perspective, and more.

Twitter has been the most egregious as of late. The New York Post was locked out of their Twitter account after publishing their Hunter Biden exposé, and still remains locked out today. Kayleigh McEnany was also locked out of her account for sharing the Post’s story.

Twitter’s public justification for blacklisting the article was that it contained content that they believed was hacked. Of course the real reason was that it’s damaging to the Biden family with weeks until an election. If illegally obtained material was a problem for Twitter, they would’ve censored the 2017 story when Rachel Maddow obtained Trump’s 2005 tax return, or the New York Times’ recent story on Trump’s taxes.

If Twitter had policies they enforced that would be one thing – but we know with certainly that the rules are being applied selectively. Another such case where Twitter’s rules are applied unevenly comes from their constant censorship of President Trump while refusing to apply their rules to Iran’s Ayatollah, who routinely calls for violence against Jews and others.

At the hearing today Dorsey was questioned about why the Ayatollah’s tweets are allowed, which he defended by saying that “We believe that it’s important for everyone to hear from global leaders.” (Except Trump, apparently).

He continued, calling the tweets “saber rattling” – which you’d think would be a solid justification to remove them. Dorsey is admitting here that Twitter isn’t fine with Trump warning about voter fraud, but they are OK with the Ayatollah threatening war.

Watch below:

We also learned that holocaust denial is acceptable in Twitter’s books, but not reporting on Hunter Biden’s scandals.

Earlier this morning Jack tweeted: “That concept of “good faith” is what’s being challenged by many of you today. Some of you don’t trust we’re acting in good faith. That’s the problem I want to focus on solving. How do services like Twitter earn your trust? How do we ensure more choice in the market if we don’t?”

Applying the rules equally would be a good start.

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