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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Now Claims to Regret Suppressing the Hunter Biden Story

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When Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey was asked about the website’s censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop story during a congressional hearing, he said it was “a total mistake,” although he still tried to make deceptive excuses for Twitter’s actions.

Republican Louisiana Rep. Steve Scalise said in reference to Twitter block the New York Post’s twitter account for two weeks for breaking the story:

“Their entire account to be blocked for two weeks by a mistake seems like a really big mistake. Was anyone held accountable in your censoring department for that mistake?”

Dorsey responded:

“Well, we don’t have a censoring department. We didn’t block their account for two weeks. We required them to delete the tweet and then they could tweet it again. They didn’t take that action, so we corrected it for them.”

Does that make even a modicum of sense to anyone? We blocked their account until they deleted the Biden post, but they didn’t do it, so we did it for them and it would have been perfectly fine for them to tweet it again? In other words, the New York Post refused to back down, Twitter grew increasingly embarrassed by the news coverage the company’s censorship received and removed the block. But, good news! They changed their procedures so it won’t happen again. Like their “procedures” were really the problem.

Of course, what really happened was that it was that there was an election coming up and a damaging story to Joe Biden came out, so liberals across the spectrum circled the wagons. Facebook and Twitter censored the story while the liberal media went all out to discredit it and falsely paint the story as Russian disinformation with no evidence. As Steve Scalise notes, those are the actions of publishers, not platforms. That’s exactly how Facebook and Twitter should be treated. If they’re going to make POLITICAL decisions about what’s allowed on the website and what isn’t, then they should be held legally responsible for whatever appears on the website. If that breaks their business model, oh well, too bad. Maybe they shouldn’t have gotten into the publishing business.

John Hawkins is the author of 101 Things All Young Adults Should Know. You can follow him on Parler here.

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