Twitter’s blatant bias could not be more evident after yesterday’s actions, or rather, lack thereof. The country was divided when Congressman Joaquin Castro (D-TX) tweeted out a list of Trump donors between those who were happy to see a public vilification of “racists” and those who see the irresponsible danger of the Congressman’s actions.

Twitter chose to side with Castro as evidenced by its inaction. Conservatives constantly risk their accounts being blocked or shut down after posted pro-America or pro-Trump messages. Castro, however, suffered no consequence for identifying individuals and labeling them as “fueling a campaign of hate.”


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his re-election campaign were not awarded the same courtesy. The twitter account for the Senate Majority Leader’s re-election campaign was locked for violating twitter rules. “This morning, Twitter locked our account for postin the video of real-world, violent threats made against Mitch McConnell…this is the problem with the speech police in America today” said campaign manager Kevin Golden.

The crime? “Posting videos of left-wing protesters gathered outside McConnell’s Kentucky home- with one demonstrator calling for someone to stab McConnell ‘in the heart’ and for McConnell to break his ‘raggedy’ neck” reported Fox News.

Message received loud and clear, twitter. It is ok to list names of people in a subtle hint as a call to arms against conservatives, but it is not ok for conservatives to post proof of violent threats made towards them.