Twitter “Restricts” Account of Michael Flynn Lawyer Sidney Powell

Twitter “Restricts” Account of Michael Flynn Lawyer Sidney Powell

After slapping yet another warning label on President Donald Trump’s tweets last week (this time for telling rioters that they’d be met with serious force if they attempted to start an “autonomous zone” in Washington D.C.), the social media platform is giving users even more reason to jump ship.

First pro-Trump meme creator “Carpe Donktum” was banned, then former Breitbart U.K. Editor in Chief Raheem Kassam was suspended, and now Michael Flynn’s lawyer is joining the club. Anyone who tries to access the feed of Sidney Powell is met with a message that the account is “temporarily restricted” due to “unusual activity.”

One can still click through to view her feed, but it’s still unclear if she still has the ability to post.

While it’s unknown what triggered the restriction (or perhaps more accurately, what Twitter is using to justify the restriction), it may have been a recent retweet of an article from The Federalist that called for conservatives to fight back against “angry mobs pulling down statues, taunting polices, attacking passerbys, and taking over entire city blocks.”

Another possible cause is an American Thinker article she recently shared which is headlined “AG Barr is under attack by most of the media and other Democrats because they believe Obama admin criminals are above the law.”

A number of conservatives quickly took notice and are demanding answers from Twitter.

Who will be next?

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