Twitter’s User Growth Plummets Following Censorship Controversies

Twitter’s User Growth Plummets Following Censorship Controversies

Twitter has been under fire for a number of censorship controversies as of late.

The platform routinely flags President Donald Trump’s posts, but never Joe Biden’s, and Biden lies quite a bit. Twitter will “fact check” Trump’s concerns about mass mail-in voting and voter fraud, but allow Biden to share the widely discredited “Charlottesville lie” without challenge.

Unsurprisingly, Twitter’s public policy director left to join the Biden transition team.

Their most notable case of interference in the election came earlier this month, when Twitter took extreme action and disabled the sharing of the New York Post’s expose on Hunter Biden, while suspending accounts of high-profile individuals who shared it. Kayleigh McEnany was among those temporarily locked out of their account for sharing the article, and the Post was locked out of their account until yesterday. It took a Senate hearing for that to happen.

The incident ended up being a huge positive for the Post. Millions more read their story than ever would’ve heard of it without the attempt to censor it, and their Twitter account gained nearly 200k new followers. Meanwhile, this series of censorship controversies has coincided with the Twitter missing expectations for their daily users in the third quarter by nearly nine million users.

According to Fox Business:

Twitter posted much stronger than expected third-quarter results thanks to surging advertiser demand, however profit slipped and daily users came in lower than analysts expected.

Twitter had 187 million daily users, on average, in the third quarter, but below analysts’ expectations of 195.6 million. The company no longer discloses monthly user figures.

The company predicted uncertainty going forward, due in part to the upcoming U.S. election, and said it is “hard to predict how advertiser behavior could change.”

Twitter’s stock closed down 21.11% on Friday on the news.

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