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U.S. Prison Population Falls 8% During Pandemic

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Shootings and other violent crimes are rising nationwide simultaneously alongside calls from crazies to “defund the police” – a policy that would guarantee even more of it.

Over 1,500 people have been shot in Chicago so far this year, nearly 900 in Philadelphia, and over 500 in New York City. At this point last the year the figures were 1,018, 701, and 355 respectively.

While an anti-police environment encouraged by the leaders of those cities (and many others nationwide) is undoubtedly playing a role in the escalation of violence, it’s not the only policy adding fuel to the fire. Prisons began clearing out earlier this year due to coronavirus – which immediately led to some predictable results.

One Florida inmate who was serving for drug related charges was released from jail due to the virus, and was quickly rearrested – this time for a far more serious murder charge. At least 50 released from Rikers went on to commit crimes in the weeks following their release – which Mayor Bill de Blasio expressed surprise at because he thought they would be grateful for their freedom. One man paroled from a Colorado prison due to the virus was arrested three weeks alter for allegedly murdering a woman – and the list goes on.

Would it be that much of a stretch to theorize that releasing nearly a tenth of the prison population back into the general population could be playing a role in rising violence nationwide?

According to U.S. News & World Report:

There has been a major drop in the number of people behind bars in the U.S. Between March and June, more than 100,000 people were released from state and federal prisons, a decrease of 8%, according to a nationwide analysis by The Marshall Project and The Associated Press. The drops range from 2% in Virginia to 32% in Rhode Island. By comparison, the state and federal prison population decreased by 2.2% in all of 2019, according to a report on prison populations by the Vera Institute of Justice.

The left is already calling for defunding the police – how long until they start calling for the defunding of prisons too?


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