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Undercover Video: Twitter Exec Warns Project Veritas About Project Veritas

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In the latest video release from Project Veritas alleging to expose the corporate culture of Twitter, a man identified as lead client partner Alex Martinez says that the company cares more about ideology than making money and predicted that many employees will rebel against Elon Musk’s plans. “There are people that are gonna try to push back as much as they can, because we are doing… the rest of us who have been here, believe in something that’s good for the planet and not just to give people free speech” he told the undercover reporter.

At another point in the footage, Martinez appears to mock his potential future boss’ Asperger’s syndrome: “Like he’s a loony tune, he has Asperger’s. So he’s special. We all know that. And that’s fine. So here, no one’s gonna say some f—ng crazy s— because he’s special. I’m like you’re special needs– you’re literally special needs. Literally though, you really are. So, I can’t even take what you’re saying seriously. Cause you’re special.”

Near the end of the video, Martinez warns the undercover Project Veritas journalist about people getting exposed by undercover Project Veritas journalists. “You’re lucky you met me organically or I would be questioning everything about you.”

Watch below:

Musk offered few words in response to the video, writing in a tweet; “Twitter exec trashing free speech & mocking people with Asperger’s…”

Musk had previously reacted to the earlier installment in Project Veritas’ Twitter series, where a senior engineer describes the corporate culture as “commie as f—,” to ask if it the video was real.

Musk had already hinted at layoffs after taking over the company, and now we may know who the first to go will be.

Matt Palumbo is the author of The Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Secret Network of George Soros

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