UPDATE: MN City Council to Reinstate Pledge of Allegiance After Uproar

UPDATE: MN City Council to Reinstate Pledge of Allegiance After Uproar

The St. Louis Park City Council has voted to reinstate reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at the beginning of every meeting after it had originally voted unanimously to ban the pledge in order to create a “more welcoming environment” for it’s “diverse” community.

Last week, almost 100 patriotic protesters attended a council meeting to demand they reinstate the pledge.  The protesters recited the Pledge of Allegiance, waved American flags and chanted “USA!”

Last night, Fox 9 reports, the city council voted unanimously to bring back the pledge, and council member Steve Hallifan said “I’ve concluded that I made a mistake and I’m sorry and I’m asking for forgiveness.”

Other members, however, did not seem as apologetic.

Anne Mavity, the councilwoman who proposed the original measure said, “I’m not sure that if you say the pledge three times a month instead of this two, you’re more patriotic. Or if you say it one time a month you’re less patriotic. That makes no sense.”

Member Tim Brausen echoed Mavity’s sentiment, telling attendees, “You want people to hate us because we start our meetings in a way you deem politically incorrect. As we strive to have liberty and justice for all, please let us have our liberty here and respect our local control.”

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