VA Bill Makes It Easier (for Criminals) to Purchase Guns

VA Bill Makes It Easier (for Criminals) to Purchase Guns

Among the slough of gun control bills being proposed and passed in Virginia is one that contains a provision that lightens restrictions on purchasing guns. Unfortunately, those loosened restrictions don’t affect any law abiding gun owners out there.

Virginia’s legislature has been busy as is, passing four gun control bills so far since Democrats took control this month. I reported earlier today on another six bills that are in the works – but I missed the most absurd one.

As The Blaze’s Daniel Horowitz writes: Prominent Democrats in both houses of the legislature are supporting HB 274, a bill that raises the age for when a juvenile criminal conviction triggers a ban on that individual owning or transporting firearms.

Under current Virginia law, juveniles may be tried as adults for violent offenses beginning at age 14. This bill will would raise the age to 16. In addition, under current law (§18.2-308.2(A)), it is prohibited for “any person adjudicated delinquent as a juvenile 14 years of age or older at the time of the offense of murder in violation of § 18.2-31 or 18.2-32, kidnapping in violation of § 18.2-47, robbery by the threat or presentation of firearms in violation of § 18.2-58, or rape in violation of § 18.2-61 … to knowingly and intentionally possess or transport any firearm or ammunition for a firearm.”

This bill would change the age threshold from 14 to 16, meaning that anyone convicted of a violent murder under the age of 16 would still be able to legally possess a firearm.

This statute is specifically designed for the worst juvenile offenders who have already used firearms in the furtherance of the most heinous crimes. These are not crimes of violating public order or simple drug possession. Yet Democrats, led by freshman Delegate Joshua Cole (D-Fredericksburg), are specifically targeting these individuals for restoration of gun rights, even after they have been duly convicted for the most high-level crimes.

So, Virginia’s politicians didn’t listen to the 20,000+ peaceful protesters who showed up to Richmond, but they are willing to respect the gun rights of young murderers, contingent on them committing those heinous crimes before the age of 16.

The bill has attracted six other House sponsors, and two Senate sponsors so far.

What will Virginia’s Democrats come up with next? We’ll have to wait until tomorrow.


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