Video: Bongino Calls NYT a Disgrace, “Paper of Hot Garbage”

Video: Bongino Calls NYT a Disgrace, “Paper of Hot Garbage”

Dan Bongino joined ‘Fox and Friends’ early this morning to discuss the recent Kavanaugh “allegations” being brought forth by New York Times “reporters.” Bongino comes out of the gate swinging: “very rarely do stories get under my skin and burrow in like a tick.”

However, this one is different. New York Times claiming they have proof of seriously immoral behavior from a Supreme Court Justice, when in reality the person they reference “has no memory of the event” and refused to speak publicly about it is “a cosmic international m-theory like, multiple universes level disgrace to human kind” said Bongino.

As for the New York Times‘ Current standing? The paper “is a disgrace, this is not a newspaper anymore. This is the paper of hot garbage…a conspiracy theory blog at this point.”

Bongino makes sure viewers are aware of the ineptitude of so called reporting. “Are we all clear on this? Let’s be clear here, there is no new accusation against Kavanaugh.”

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