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Video: Bongino on “Fox and Friends” Explains Why Idiotic Dem 2020 Promise of Medicare for all will NOT Work

  • by:
  • Source: Dan Bongino
  • 06/11/2022
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A hint of reasonable thinking by a Democrat was displayed by former Obama White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel yesterday. Speaking to ABC News’ “This Week” Emanuel disagreed with 2020 candidates have taken the position of medicare for all and that they will eliminate 150 million people’s healthcare and give free care to those who come over the border. “This is an untenable position” he said, and warned “you don’t have to take this position to win the primary…you are hindering yourself for the general election.”

Bongino was the first to express shock that he and Rahm Emanuel agreed…on anything. “Democrats listen to Rahm Emanuel” Bongino said. Then explained that the healthcare for all promise Dems are making simply defies economic principles. “There are only two ways to allocate scarce resources…a doctor’s time and hospital beds are scarce resources.” You either “price them or ration them.”

Healthcare for all would mean choosing the second option which is rationing. “There is not a third way. You will get rationing like in the U.K. and other single payer systems.” The result would be “economic and political suicide for the Democratic Party” because those in single payer systems know nothing different. In the United States however, we have grown accustomed to great, swift medical care. Democrats would completely rob us of that.

Bongino added the “media is not telling the truth about what medicare for all would really do. The media needs to do their jobs” because the truth is, “medicare for all really means medicare for none.”

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